For this months blog, I would like to dedicate it to all the talented women hairdressers in my industry.

We are all very familiar with Vidal Sassoon,Trevor Sorbie,John Freida, Charles Worthington, Daniel Galvin, Richard Ward and Toni & Guy.  Why is it, I ask myself, that hairdressing has so very few women that should stand equal to the dominating male hairdressers.

I for one struggle to bring visibility to my success.  Over the many years of hairdressing I have been inspired, guided and motivated by many talented female hairdressers whom have been left invisible for their talent.

So here’s to more women in hairdressing becoming future mentors and educators for our next generation!

My top 5 female hairdressers, past & present.

  1. Christine Schwarz- Vidal Sassoon
  2. Sharon Cox- Sanrizz
  3. Nikky (Patterson) Hull – Ex Vidal Sassoon
  4. Pam Roscoe- Creative director – Ex Vidal Sassoon
  5. Martina Nolan – Ex Toni & Guy

Bye for now,

Paris x