Any decent hairdresser will happily offer a free consultation prior to your booking a hair cut with them.  But what should you discuss once you get there?  To help you out, here are some questions you could ask.  Consider the answers before getting your haircut.

  1. Does the haircut suit my face shape and bone structure?
  2. Does it suit my personality and lifestyle?
  3. Is it low or high maintenance?
  4. How long will the haircut last?
  5. How do I style the haircut and what are the best products and shampoos/ conditioners to use for your hairstyle and haircare regime?
  6. Will I need colour?

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At Paris Moses Hairdressing all our stylists offer a free consultation on all hair colour and styles. Please phone or get in touch for your free consultation today.

” The right haircut should suit your face, suit your personality and only take 15 minutes to do in the morning. A good haircut is the ultimate investment”

Paris Moses

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