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Customers like to hear about the products we use in our salon.  We thought we’d give you a few extra facts you may not know about our organic hair colouring system:

– The New Forest is the home of Organic Colouring Systems
– Organic colour is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
– The products are not tested on animals
– All the packaging is recyclable
– Organic Colour uses the lowest possible level of paraphenylenediamine( colour pigments).

At Paris Moses Hairdressing we believe in the benefits of Organic Colour and Sulphate -free products. Not only is it a remarkable, gentle product it is healthier for us hairdressers too.  There’s no toxic fumes to breath in and it’s kinder to our skin and hands.
Other news:  I now have the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Love it! The gentle heat and digitally controlled motor leaves the hair and scalp less stressed thus creating more shine on the hair and a cooler scalp.I am fed up of hairdressers using hairdryers as blow torches on clients blow-drys, such bad news for hair damage and scalp problems.
Use Melu thermal protection spray before your heat styling routine.
Spritz all over hair and let dry before applying heat.
Melu Hair Shield is specIfically formulated to protect the hair when using hairdryers and hair irons. It protects the hair structure from damage caused by excessive heat. It is also a carbon-neutral/zero impact product.

melu hair protection
Melu hair shield is available to purchase in salon.

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